Raw Material

All raw materials are verified for conformity upon receipt. Our Quality Control team inspect dimensions, hardness to ensure molds' long service life. Considerations include:
  • Comformity
  • Dimensions
  • Appearance

CNC Machining

To ensure accuracy, TDL's CNC machining section is consisted of two lines, one of which processes electrodes exclusively while the other processes steel only. Also all machines are maintained on a regular basis.
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Wire Cutting EDM

Low speed wire cutting is the use of continuous moving fine wire (called electrode wire) as the electrode, the workpiece is pulsed spark discharge etching metal, cutting molding. It is mainly used to process a variety of complex and fine workpiece. The slow moving wire (also called the low speed wire EDM machine) electrode wire for low speed one-way motion, and the surface quality is close to the grinding level. The electrode wire is no longer used after discharge, and the processing quality is good.


Precision surface grinding in plastic injection moldmaking is essential in order to produce high quality molds. From beginning to end, nearly every mold component must be ground with cutting edge equipments. Our equipments include:
  • Manual surface grinder
  • Centerless grinder
  • CNC surface grinder
  • Ded-Tru grinder
  • Tool-and-cutter grinder
  • ID-OD grinder
  • Jig grinder
  • Blanchard grinder


EDM has long been the answer for high accuracy, demanding machining applications where conventional metal removal is difficult or impossible.
At TDL, considerations for EDM efficiency include depth, accuracy and finish, and components to consider include drives, generator, programming system and flushing. Know more about our Equipment.

Mold Surface Finish

The surface finish includes polishing, texturing, sandblast, engraving, coating(chrome or titanizing), All finishes are conducted under SPI standard. 

Fitting & Assembly

Mold assembly is one of the most critical steps of mold making procedure, all the parts machined or purchased need to be put together and required to be work functionality. Mold assembly job requires comprehensive understanding of mold structure as well as injection molding.
To ensure accuracy, TDL applies spotting machines for fitting and assembly.

Mold Trials

Mold trials are conducted to confirm that the mold works as it should. During the trial period, molds should be carefully tested and examined in accordance with standard procedure.