Product Design

At TDL, our process begins with a partnership among our design and engineering team and the client. Based on the company’s existing mature platform to complete the preliminary design of the product, including hardware solutions, software solutions and structural design.

Tooling Design

Our Die Design services are backed by years of retained intellectual property and the latest technologies in order to assist clients with their custom die needs. Siemens NX software, along with custom created user functions, allows us to greatly reduce design lead time and ensure design accuracy.

Tooling Manufacturing

TDL uses a rigid set of tooling standards for all dies. With a disciplined tooling manufacturing process, you can be assured of consistent manufacturing rates, predictable tool life and efficient production runs.

Metal Parts Production

We provide product assembly, pre-packaging and packaging assembly. If your product needs extra care we can assemble it manually or if you are on a time crunch and need it done fast we use machine lines.

Stamping Mold Display