1. When was your company Founded?
2. # of Employees?
180 employees.
3. What has your company revenue been for each of the past 5 years?
9.6 million USD per year.
4. How many tools does your company build per year?
550 sets/year.
5. What is your average lead time for tooling?
20-60 days. Depend on how complicated is the mold.
6. How many Tooling Engineers do you have on staff?
60 Engineers.
7. How many CAD designers do you have on staff?
30 Mold designers.
8. What tooling modeling software do you currently use?
UG,Pro/E, AutoCAD, MoldFlow.
9. How many QE's do you have on staff?
10. Please describe your DFM capabilities.
Yes, we do. The DFM will shows the parting lines,gate position, draft angle analysis & suggestions, wall thickness analysis & suggestions, part design suggestions for modification, slides & lifters, Texturing & engraving analysis, molding press type.
11. What is your on time delivery %, of tools to customers?
Over 97%
12. Can your company perform a tool evaluation or tool FAI? How detailed?
Yes, we can. The FAI form will be provided upon customer’s requirement.
13. Can you perform a first part FAI?
Yes, we can.
14. Plant Area in square meters.
6500 ㎡
15. # and models of CNC Machines
18 sets of CNC , including 6 sets of high speed CNC.
16. # and models of EDM Machines
16 sets of EDM . including 6 sets of Mirror EDM
17. # and models of Wire Cutting EDM machines
3 sets of Sodick from Japan. 3 sets machines from China.
18. # and models of Molding Press
19 sets.
19. Molding machine clamp tonnage range
60-2000 tons
20. # and model of CMM machines
2 sets
21. What process does your company use to ensure the parts and raw materials you buy are purchased from a reputable/qualified source, with adequate certification
According to ISO9001.
22. What AS/ISO/TS certifications does your company have?
23. Market Segments your company supports (eg industrial, consumer, aerospace, defense, auto, electronics, etc?
Auto, Medical, Electronics, Consumer, Industrial, Aerospace
24. OverMold or 2K mold (Y/N)
25. Can your company polish tools to SPI or European standards?
26. Does your company use USA or European Standard Components, if required by the customer?
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